Hello there, I’m Margot, the heart and soul behind Forever Meaning. Greetings from Dallas, Texas, where my journey with this beautiful project began.

As a lifelong devoted Christian, my life has always been intertwined with the teachings and mysteries of the Bible.

Forever Meaning is more than just a website to me; it’s a reflection of my passion, a project born from my desire to share the beauty and depth of biblical meanings with the world.

I started this site as a personal mission to make biblical interpretations accessible and engaging for everyone – from those casually curious about a particular symbol to fellow devout Bible lovers.

I believe that every aspect of our lives holds a deeper meaning, often connected to the spiritual teachings of the Bible.

This belief has been my guiding light, leading me to create a platform where these meanings can be explored and shared.


My academic journey took me to the University of Dallas, where I majored in Literature.

This education not only deepened my love for words but also equipped me with the tools to analyze and interpret texts, a skill I find invaluable in my biblical explorations.

Post-university, I’ve woven my love for writing and scripture into a career as a Freelance Writer and Editorial Assistant.

This professional path keeps me immersed in the world of words and stories, allowing me to continuously learn and grow in my understanding of biblical narratives and their relevance in our modern world.

Since I was a kid, my Christian faith has been the cornerstone of my life. It’s a lens through which I view the world, deeply influencing my perspective on everything I encounter.

My passion for the Bible and all things related to God is not just a personal journey; it’s a path I’m eager to share with others through Forever Meaning.

Forever Meaning is my labor of love – a project that I update regularly, pouring in insights, research, and personal reflections. It’s a space where I connect with like-minded individuals and continue my lifelong journey of faith and understanding.

Join me at Forever Meaning, where we delve into the spiritual significance of the world around us, one biblical meaning at a time.

Let’s explore, learn, and grow together in our understanding and appreciation of the Bible’s timeless wisdom.

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Welcome to our community!

– Margot Adams